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I think I'm a desperate housewife

Admittedly, I slept in. After a week of less hours of sleep than usual (and needed) it was predictable.

Basically all I did today was bake brownies and make chocolate fudge and wash all the dishes resulting from my kitchen adventures and lunch. There were lots of dishes.

It's fairly common around here to have maids. Ours has been with us for 12 years. She's a friend to me, a daughter to my grams. So when she said last week there's too much work for her, my first though was the list of everything I could do to help her because I don't want her to leave.

I have two jobs, one upset boss, a plan to go back to the gym, a test to go back to uni, an elderly grampy to assist and a career move to plan and execute.

Where will I find the time to do that? I have no idea.