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Family and Packing

So far, this year has been basically about my family. However, what amazes me is that regardless of how much things may change - and, believe me, they do - , there are these things that will always be the same.

Years ago, my mother visited London and overpacked. Having to drag that heavy suitcase up and down the stairs on subway stations scarred her for life when it comes to packing. So she always tries to travel light (accordingly light, of course).

As the plan for the weekend was four days visiting relatives out of town, she packed a bag. With exactly the amount of clothes she'd wear on those days.

Me? I four tops, two sweaters (one warmer), a pair of boots, one skirt, two pairs of pantyhose, about five different pairs of earrings and the essentials. Plus what I was wearing already (top, sweater, jeans and boots). I always try to have an extra top, just in case.

It wouldn't fit one of the bags, so I got a small-ish suitcase. As expected, my mother said I was overpacking, it was only four days, I wouldn't need all of that. (Turns out, I didn't wear two of the tops I had brought, but only because I bought a cute dress and wore it instead.)

On the last day, we stopped by a book store. Mom bought a small pile of books. They were fairly thin books, but it gets a little heavy once you pile them up.

Just try to guess where those books were packed on our return. ... Exactly, in my suitcase. Because they'd be heavy in her bag.

So, while Mom travels light, I pack considering emergencies and what she'll buy and stuff into my luggage.