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When you get the answer to that question

I was born in the beginning of school year. When I was little, kids were taught to read and write at age six. Therefore, I was expected to pick a career at the age of seventeen.

Now, let me tell you what I knew at 17: that I didn't like Chemestry, Maths and, most importantly, Physics. Not only I don't like it, but Physics doesn't like me back.

I still think it's insane to expect a 17 or 18 yeared-old to know what they actually want to do with the rest of their lives. Some are very lucky and have known it since their toddler days (yes, I've met one of those). Some will say "I've always known it was it" about all the seven different careers they pick during their senior year (yes, I met this one too - although the number is merely for dramatic effect).

If you've been reading long enough or know me, you're familiar with the rest of the story: I have a Bachelor degree on an area that I do not work and picked in 30 minutes while my mother was in the shower. (Mom and I still debate on which version is more accurate, mine or hers. Of course I believe mine is.)

One would expect that 9 years after that one moment I sat in the exact spot I'm sitting now, I would have had the answer to "what am I going to do with my life?" for quite some time. Yes and no.

Yes, for years I've known what my true love is. No, I wasn't sure if that is what I should do. Until last night. So it's actually been less than 24 hours from the moment I officially had the answer to the question I've been asked multiple times since I was sixteen. (People start asking when you're half-way through High School. Once you're a senior, it only becomes more frequent.)

So, I am officially a writer, a dancer and a teacher.
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