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The Giant has woken up

All over the country, there are demonstrations.

It started with the raise on public transportation fare. Prices go up, quality doesn't. So, we're all fed up with that.

The problem isn't just public transport (expensive, inefficient, crowded). Infra-structure, super-structure, education, health, security, ... you name it, there's serious need for improvement.

I am proud of my fellow countrymen for standing up and saying "this is not okay, it has to change".

As the harshtags on Tumblr and Twitter are in Port, I thought it'd be nice to know what we mean. (I'm using the separated words)

vem pra rua - come to the street for the demos

vem pra janela - if you can't come to the street, come to the window to support us

protestobr / protestosp / protestorj - protests at (location here)

verás que um filho teu não foge à luta - a verse from the National Anthem. It means [Brazil] will see that none of her children runs away from a fight

When you see one of those (there are others) harshtags, know that Brazilians everywhere are standing up for a better country.