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At some point last year, I decided to grow my hair so I could donate it for kids who need wigs.

It's a bit more complicated than just "don't get it cut" because there has to be some length and, as I have to keep some of it on my own head, it kinda needs to be reaching the small of my back. Also, it shouldn't have a lot of chemical treatments on (in? I hate prepositions) the hair.

I hadn't really told people about my plan, I've had long hair for years, I have a lot of hair. Grams used to joke I had enough for two people.

I hadn't realized how long my hair is until my grandfather commented on it. I mean, when your grandfather mentions it, must be something, right? It still needs to be longer before I get it cut.

But here's the actual problem: one of the things I've always been insecure is my hair. Almost black, not as defined as I wished, voluminous... It's not princess hair. So once in a while, there's this little voice saying 'who would want this hair?'

In spite of the insecurity, I'm still trying to keep the chemicals to a minimum and waiting for some extra inches.