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When I has to write down a career plan, in my senior semester of uni, I wrote I wanted to be a translator and teach on the side for stability's sake.

I like routine. I specially like having a paycheck with a foreseeable number on it.

However, up to some level, translation depends on luck. You send editors your CV and ask for a test. I never even got a reply to my test requests, so I turned to teaching.

I like dealing with students, I love that moment you see how far they've come. But There are a number of things about teaching that are discouraging.

Ever since the kickstarter for Lizzie Bennet and the announce of DVDs, I've been thinking how awesome it'd be to work on translation for subtitles.

As they've been tweeting about it, asking for a number of different languages, I replied and some emails later, here I am - working with others on the subtitles for the DVDs. Most if the episodes have been translated, so all I did tonight was edit.

It's nearly five in the morning and I've spent all night working.

I haven't been this happy about work in a really long time.